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OSSA is a staffing agency company operating in the Greater New Orleans area, also serving Orlando, FL and Indianapolis, IN. As one of the best staffing agencies in the area, we have the ability to fulfill both your temp labor requirements, no matter how large or how small.

With more than 25 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to make sure that your company will have the best employees for the job every day of the week. We take pride in working with and providing job opportunities for high quality job seekers, regardless of their cultural backgrounds.


Great employees who are not fluent in the English language are often overlooked by employers. Just because somebody has limited English skills doesn’t mean they are incapable of doing a good job. That’s why our staffing company, One Stop Staffing Agency, located in the Greater New Orleans area, is dedicated to being a voice for those with language barriers!

We are able to bridge the gap! We are able to offer labor-ready jobs and employees to a wide-range of industrial organizations because we speak English, Spanish, Creole, and French. These industries include, but are not limited to – construction, landscaping, hospitality, disposal services, transportation and administrative/clerical.

With more than 25 years business experience, our staffing company is confident we can find the job you need or employee needed. We service Louisiana, and Florida. OSSA Staffing hires honest, hard working people who are often the sole providers of their families. Let us know which position you need filled and we promise to match you with the perfect employee for your company.


OSSA believes in building trust with our clients and employees by taking the time necessary to listen to and resolve individual staffing needs. Our number one priority is to provide the best working conditions to everyone looking for good paying jobs, especially heads of households who need to sustain themselves and their families in this ever-changing economy.


“We used OSSA security for the entire Mardi Gras parade season as over 30 parades pass in front of the Pub. The staff were courteous and professional. Everyday Mr. Charles would check in with me via telephones, sometimes in person to ensure all our staffing needs were met. An Employee was stuck in traffic and Mr. Charles personally manned the door until they arrived. OSSA security is already booked to do our security for Mardi Gras 2020. I highly recommend OSSA for your staffing needs.”


“I have used the company, OSSA One Stop Staffing Agency, LLC in the past for one year. Charles has sent me good employees; two of whom I converted over to our hotel as our own employees. He is an honest man, easy to get in touch with when I needed him. I would recommend him to other hotels or any other company.”